Frequently Asked Questions

What information is available on this site?

The Solutions Bank hosts proposals—or solutions—submitted to competitions managed by Lever for Change, and puts them in context using data provided by Candid about the featured organization and its funders. The site currently includes over 450 proposals submitted to MacArthur's 100&Change competition, and proposals submitted to other competitions will be added to the site over time.

Additional data from Candid, if available, includes: top five funders for the lead organization and a link to the organization’s Nonprofit Profile (accessible via the GuideStar logo or transparency seal).

Candid resources include: Foundation Landscapes, Maps, or Dashboards focused on a particular geography, issue, or population group. Examples include: Indiana Foundation StatsMedia Impact Funders, and Investing in Native Communities.


How will this website advance my work?

This site provides a resource for foundations and other funders, individual donors, philanthropic advisors, nonprofits, and others directly working to solve the local, regional, and global challenges represented here.

  • As a funder or donor, you can use this site to identify potential grantees, inform your strategy, or simply get inspired by the ideas submitted. Through the site, you can identify organizations active in your issue or geographic area(s) of work, learn more about the concerns of the communities you work in, and find out how others are tackling the problems you care about.
  • For philanthropic advisors and funder networks, this site provides easy access to information about organizations and potential solutions to critical problems so that you can quickly respond to client or member requests.
  • For nonprofits and others working to design and implement solutions, you can use this site to identify and connect with others working on the same challenge, either in your own community or elsewhere.

What are the entities involved in Solutions Bank, and how are they all connected?

The Solutions Bank is a project by Candid and Lever for Change. Candid is a philanthropic infrastructure organization that gets people the information they need to do good. Lever for Change is an affiliate of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Its mission is to unlock significant philanthropic capital and accelerate social change around the world's biggest challenges.

Lever for Change also hosts the Bold Solutions Network, which showcases the highest-ranked proposals that emerge from its competitions. The Bold Solutions Network aims to build a pipeline of organizations ready to accelerate social change and match those organizations with philanthropists ready to achieve their ambitions. It allows donors to search for projects in their interest area(s) on their own, or work with Lever for Change to pull curated lists of proposals based on specific philanthropic goals. Through the Bold Solutions Network, Lever for Change also brokers connections to organizations and advise on structuring grants.

This Solutions Bank features a wider range of submitted proposals to promote transparency, encourage collaboration, and build creative approaches to tackling long-standing challenges. We hope that the Solutions Bank will inspire deeper investment in existing ideas so that we can build stronger solutions together.

How does COVID-19 affect the proposals?

While these projects were submitted prior to the pandemic, many of the projects nonetheless address challenges the pandemic has surfaced and include elements that are responsive to the impacts of COVID-19.

Have applicants been vetted?

The proposals here have undergone a basic screening by administrative staff to ensure they are complete, but a proposal’s inclusion on this site does not represent an endorsement of an applicant or their proposed solution by Lever for Change, the MacArthur Foundation, or Candid. Each donor should conduct their own due diligence should they be interested in funding an organization on this site.

I am a funder interested in learning more about a proposal. Who should I contact for more information?

Funders or philanthropists interested in learning more about a proposal, or in making a significant investment in a proposal featured on this site, should contact Lever for Change.

I am an applicant. How can I update my proposal information?

The Solutions Bank features data provided to Candid by Lever for Change. If you need to update information about your organization, or if you no longer wish to appear on the Solutions Bank, please contact Lever for Change. Please note that we cannot make updates to your proposal narrative. We can make updates to information about your organization.

What does the “Highly Ranked” label on some solutions mean?

The solutions shared on this website were developed in response to open grant competitions. Those labeled "Highly Ranked" represent submissions receiving the highest scores from outside proposal reviewers. The label offers no value judgment on the other solutions, but is shared with an intention of transparency about those that were determined to be most compelling and in line with the competition intent.

Solutions labeled "Highly Ranked" are also featured on the Bold Solutions Network.