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Project Summary

Africa’s progress is under threat; of all regions in the world, Africa has the highest rates of education-exclusion, youths grapple with unemployment despite education and experience. Many African people live undignified, desperate and often deplorable lives.The Development Journey of Champions for Africa, will turn things around, by creating Champions across the continent who together will form the rise of an African super-power, apart (from governments or countries) but of a people who have been awakened and will in their own families and communities contribute to the emergence of continental Champions who will become the architects of the future of a dignified Africa.In tandem with the era of globalisation and digitisation, Africa also has a demographic advantage of youth. We have authentically embedded creativity where our training materials will not only cater for persons with disability but will also embrace the arts; music and drama as well as animations

Problem Statement

Many people move on in life without ever having found their purpose nor their gifts and this applies to all cadre in life. While as this is not unique to Africa, the myriad challenges in the continent including; education exclusion poor governance, abuse of human rights, home grown terrorism, corruption, urban migration even for people with farms, multiply the problems. Nevertheless; existing education systems do not address critical "life-skills" of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-development and maximizing our gifts. Without the right personal skills, people crave for the wrong things to satisfy a human need or otherwise lead indolent lives. In cognisance of the education exclusion, this challenge is not just with those without formal education. Women have a history of marginalisation, youth tend to inherit the existing culture while persons with disability have little or no recognition in most countries in Africa. Jointly these three groups form the majority of citizenry. There is a ripple effect of this individual lacklustre lifestyle to families, communities and development in the continent. We seek to provide a solution away from governments and formal education institutions. Through an authentic and inclusive program, we shall sow seeds of individual awakening and thus push Africa into the prosperous and peaceful continent it is supposed to be, standing to be counted in the global arena, with strong homegrown governance structures as well as sustainable development. This project turns the focus from governments to individuals who become Champions and future mentors sowing seeds of development across the continent.

Solution Overview

15 authentic modules on mentorship, personal development and leadership targeting individuals have been prepared and keen attention paid to ascertain that internationally recognized principles on adult learning are applied throughout the course(s) by all trainers. We shall create 20000-30000 unique Champions in Kenya, Cameroon, DRC, Senegal and South Sudan. As a demand-driven project, there shall be a deliberate effort to target 30% youth (50% of each gender), 30%women, 30%men and 10% Persons with Disabilities, spread evenly in all the categories. This methodology of stakeholder representation will be used in the five countries using the relevant structures in each country, among them, youth associations, women organisations, local government and PWDs organisations. A team of carefully selected consultant-advisors, representing the five countries will be part of initiating the program rollout. The project builds in audio-visual recording of the trainee-participants as a core M&E tool. We shall record the trainees on the first day of the course, interview them after they have finished the course and watch their journey for one year, as they become Champions of their own destiny! These recordings will be used as an M&E tool to continue strengthening the program, looking to improve the weak areas, as well as provide copies to help the trainee monitor their personal progress. The “follow the champion” progress will further be recorded half yearly and annually.Self-aware Champions become Mentors and influence policy, take up leadership roles and gain financial freedom as they sow seeds of development across the continent.

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