Amik Matai Society

Doubling Farmers Income by focusing on Rural Economy


Works to improve the rural economy by doubling the farmers income in the district of Lohit, Arunachal Pradesh.

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Amik Matai Society

Tezu, State of Arunachal Pradesh, India


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Project Summary

India is an Agrarian country. 83% of the India's Population is dependent on farming but the share of the farmers in the India's GDP constitute only for 17%. Thus, it is important to unite the farmers under the umbrella of Farmer Producing Organization (FPO) and ensure they get due prices for their produces. In Arunachal Pradesh especially Lohit District is blessed to have the favourable conditions for farming and horticulture. Thus, by utilising the available resources, providing adequate trainings and catalysing the formation of FPO's will help the farmers gain benefits and increase their per year yield with revenue. Doubling the Farmers' Income: Sustainable Livelihood Improvement of Tribal Community through Scientific Farming (Horticulture & Agriculture)” in the Tribal Area of Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh

Problem Statement

In Arunachal Pradesh, 98% of the people are engaged in agriculture and allied activities. The state is home to various tribal clusters. The geographical location and terrain has led to the slow development and progress. Though the place is blessed with the fertile lands and suitable climate for cultivation of various agri and horticultural crops, but it still lacks to be a sustainable livelihood opportunity. Due to geography and terrain farmers and the people haven't received enough exposure thus, they lack awareness and are easily fooled by the traders and middlemen who make huge chunks of profit from the yield. Thus, FPO will help the farmer and community to unite and sale their produce at profitable rates leading to improved standards of living of the farmers.

Solution Overview

As the agricultural sector in India as a whole is an unorganized sector. Thus, it is the need of the hour to bring certain regulation in the sector on pricing, market and other benefits to the farmers for which creation of Farmer Producer Organisation is the most feasible problem to solve multiple problems of the farmers through one solution. The progress of the solution can be measured through the marketing and sales of the produce alongside also generating the demands for the local produce. The impact of the solution will be deep and intense for the smaller population and geography but this model then can be replicated by different districts and places to improve the rural economy and make it more sustainable for the farmers. The farmers are the primary beneficiaries along with other local youth who then will be employed in the FPO be the indirect beneficiaries of the same. Not just these, but the family as a whole and larger community will be benefited as the living standards of the the community will improve through this solution.

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