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Ecozone Town Systems

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A set of replicable systems to build and manage sustainable cities & inclusive communities to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals worldwide by 2030.

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Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Project Summary

The problem:In a nutshell, SDG delivery requires creation of 380 million new jobs, $12 trillions addition to economy size and 2 -3 times higher growth rate [Source:]The world is off track to meet most SDGs targets according to the UN SAO report of July 2018. Sustainable and resilient model towns like the 26 ASEAN “SDGs frontrunner cities” with embedded SDG framework are a few exceptions.The solution:Deliver a town system that replicates the SDG solutions from the SDG frontrunner cities to the rest of the world on a scale necessary to meet the UN SDGs on time and make the towns a preferred place to live, work, learn and innovate. The impact:The town system is supposed to deliver thousands of affordable SDG standard sustainable cities and communities globally by 2030 that's going to change the life lives of bottom 3 billions people directly or indirectly.

Problem Statement

United Nations SDG provides a holistic summary of the problems the world is facing today in 17 goals and 169 targets. Who is impacted by the problem?The bottom 3 billions in the global south and many others in the developed world are suffering from those problems.Why does the problem exist in the current environment?The human civilization has not matured enough to collaborate and solve those problem - this problem is more serious in the global south. The 2nd biggest issue is the lack of infrastructure to enable productivity. What are the most influential ways to effect the necessary change, and where are the leverage points where the smallest change can have the biggest impact?There are many way to tackle the problem e.g. efforts at UN level, country level and at private level through the NGOs. We believe social enterprises that can deliver a replicable town system capable of tackling those problems at a micro level can only solve the problems at macro level on a sustainable basis.

Solution Overview

How does the solution workMake the towns low cost by adding systems such as low cost -> land away from downtown> construction> own grown food thru urban farming e.g. aquaponic system> group buying directly from the source of supply> solar power> medical insurance through indemnity clubs system> walk/cycle to work to save money on commuting> sharing economy based living by optimizing use of available resourcesImprove productivity, growth and disposable income> Train people on living and relevant industrial skills before moving them to the SDG standard ecozone towns to improve earnings.> Co-op dividends from the above services to help improve affordability Progress KPIs> of beneficiaries living in our managed communities and towns The impact over a five-year of grant period. Will it have broad impact on a large population or geography, or will it have deep and intense impact on a small population or geography?> Our target is to relocate 600 million families of workers and their employers in SDG Standard towns in 5 yrs time. It includes creation of 380 million new jobs, $12 trillions addition to economy size and 2 -3 times higher growth rate. Target beneficiary communities > At-risk youth of losing jobs to automation. > Economically disadvantaged people> Unemployed people> People from war stricken countries will also benefits by finding work opportunities in ecozone town elsewhere.

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