Computer Shiksha

Enabling Computer literacy in schools, serving children of under-served communities

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Computer Shiksha

Gurgaon, State of Haryana, India

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Project Summary

According to the data, as of 2014, only 10.32% of primary schools had access to computer technology. As per the above data, even if we assume 15% schools having access to computer education today, approx. 199 million children in India in schools (Govt. & Private) do not have access to computer education.SolutionCS aims to provide free Digital Literacy to children of under-served communities and offers end to end solution by:o Enabling teachers to facilitate the class.o Sharing the self-learning videos and bilingual manualso providing free computer hardware and maintaining it for evero Monitoring and Evaluating students and Certify them Computer Shiskha delivers value in the form of Computer trained people, who uses this technology to deliver solutions & reduce challenges faced by them in every walk of their life. Currently CS is making 60128 children digitally literate in 343 locations in 14 states.

Problem Statement

With more than 1.2 billion people, India presents quite a challenge when it comes to universal, quality education. India is home to some of the world's most and least educated individuals. For many of these under-served children, education is seen as a luxury rather than right. The opportunity costs, plus the actual costs of education are often too much for families that are struggling. An estimate done in the 2011 census suggests that 33 million school-aged children are employed in various sectors.Acc. to NSSO data, there are tens of millions of primary school aged individuals that are deprived of the opportunity to maximize their potential. Although, by many standards, poverty and inequity are decreasing, it is still imperative that the education system continues to seek innovative ways to improve. As of 2014, only 10.32% of primary schools had access to computer technology. It is impossible to measure whether this small proportion has the ability to maintain this technology.As per the above data, even if we assume 15% schools having access to computer education today,approx. 199 million children in India in schools (Govt. & Private) do not have access to computer education. Creating mind boggling challenge requiring intervention.

Solution Overview

Computer Shiksha (CS) has used technology in all its operations to make the processes cheaper, scalable, and available in far flung areas of India, our engineers have created content to cover the entire curriculum in such a way that learning could happen in almost the same way as in a live class with a trainer. This is especially because designers of the content (our engineers) have spent more than 3 years in delivering this content in person to thousands of students making them uniquely able to create an exhaustive programme which addresses all potential problems and questions that will arise during the delivery of the course.Progress will be monitored in following ways:1. Assess students periodically (after completion of specific modules as per course design) with a formal test2. Get photos of live computer classes every quarter3. Visits to the CS enabled centers4. Finally, issuing certificates to studentsImpact/OutcomesEnabling Computer education in approx 34620 schools serving children (depending upon strength) from under-served communities and making them well versed with MS Paint, MS Office equiavlent (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Ubuntu is a replacement of Windows. Internet, Email up to an 'expert' level ( if 3 years full course is done) and as its an ongoing process, so the learning will continue for next students.Without having this knowledge, they would be unfit to take up any job later in life.

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Project Funders

  • Polaris Consulting & Service Limited 2016 - 2019
  • MPS Limited 2016 - 2019
  • Bajaj 2018 - 2019

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