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Project Summary

The Problems ECOLOO solves are:1. Open defecation due to lack of adequate sanitation as addressed by the 2.5 billion people with poor sanitation and/or unhygienic Toilets (BoP - Bottom of the Pyramid), leading to water / groundwater / water resource contamination, global water crises and water-borne diseases affecting lives of millions, and preventing the poor to come out of the poverty cycle (as per survey, a person living in an open defecation or a pit latrine area, unknowingly consumes 10 grams of fecal content every day, causing 80% of diseases)2. Untreated sewage from individual septic tanks and sewage treatment plants dumped in the ocean/rivers affecting lives underwater3. Water and energy shortage4. Food security and quality caused by chemical fertilizerECOLOO sustainable eco-social innovation enclosed toilet system as an ultimate solution is odorless, waterless (water is used for washing and hygiene purposes), decentralized, sewage free, energy-free and maintenance-free.

Problem Statement

ECOLOO is an inclusive social impact-driven enterprise to address the water, sanitation and hygiene crisis as experienced by the 2.5 billion people who do not have access to proper toilets and hygiene, mainly the BoPs or rural communities who lack of water due to water scarcity or drought or geographical condition, victims of natural disaster such as flood, typhoon, cholera outbreak, the refugees and homeless, those who live in remote areas or off-grid areas with no access to sewage treatment plant or septic tank systems, etc.Open spaces, riverbanks, road and street side and the open field are some of the common places to defecate. Water sources are badly affected by both pit/ring and modern flush toilets. The sewage from the flush toilet has badly affected the fragile environment. These practices not only pollute the environment but also contaminate the land and water resources and all these will eventually affect the health of BoPs. ECOLOO is developed based on the principles of simplicity, scalability, environmental responsibility and economic viability. ECOLOO is about creating awareness in each mankind through the application of the biological treatment system or sustainable toilet technology that can save money, water and energy that can create a better, healthier and greener environment for its citizens

Solution Overview

1. Hygienic toilets like ECOLOO lead to healthier people especially for women and children (SDG#3: Good health & Well Being):a) Security issue: women and children get attacked by poisonous snakes and other dangerous insects and animals while defecating in the openb) Rape risk issue: women are facing a high risk of rape by men who are keen to keep eyes on them defecating in the open losing their dignities, pride and risking their livesc) Health issue: women holding their bladders on a daily basis for many hours develops a permanent pee-leakage problem & bad smell at a younger aged) Education issue: menstruation and poor sanitation affect girls' school attendance e) Social issue: women in India aren't willing to get married if husbands aren't providing toilets. “No Toilet, No Bride” movement2. ECOLOO provides sustainable sanitation solutions, a totally enclosed system (preventing pollution and contamination), waterless (preventing sewage generation and environmental contamination) (SDG#6: Clean Water & Sanitation)3. By adopting ECOLOO in cities and communities for indoor and outdoor purposes and turn any complex and building into eco-friendly and sewage-free complex and building (SDG#11: Sustainable Cities & Communities)4. By treating our waste on-site instead of dumping the untreated sewage and toxics into oceans and rivers, we prevent the lives below water from being contaminated (SDG#14: Life Below Water)5. By having sustainable toilets and fertilizer, more lives on land can be saved from water-borne diseases, contaminated fish and hazardous chemical fertilizer (SDG#15: Life On Land)

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  • Cradle Funds S/B

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