Mankind Project USA and Gender Equity & Reconciliation International

Global Transformation from #MeToo to We Together

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Mankind Project USA and Gender Equity & Reconciliation International

Kaysville, Utah, United States

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Project Summary

The #MeToo movement has unmasked harmful gender conditioning that impacts women, as well as men, children, institutions and the entire culture. We cannot solve the systemic problem of gender inequality and violence without engaging those responsible for perpetuating it, consciously or unconsciously. We offer proven corrective educational experiences to address and transform gender conditioning. Our experiential programs for adult men and women not only unravel the systemic knots of gender conflicts, but also provide practical skills and ongoing training to resolve them. On scale, our programs create life-changing, liberating improvements in gender-based relationships, and in communities, and have proven effective for historically marginalized populations. We will scale our programs in five initial locations for highly diverse populations. Programming will emphasize social media outreach and ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and assessment, accompanied by appropriate program revisions. Further scaling to localities around the world can precipitate a global tipping point in gender relations.

Problem Statement

The oppression, violence, and subjugation inherent to gender inequality afflict every person on the planet.Thousands of years of gender conditioning are intrinsic to violence in all of its forms – toward self (suicide) and others (abuse, homicide), cultural (bias), racial (racism), economic (poverty) , environmental (exploitation), and institutional (institutional oppression). The oppression, violence, and subjugation inherent to gender inequality affect every person on the planet. The polarizing nature of public discourse has highlighted the distance between the healthy engagement of masculine and feminine and included alarming memes about human dignity and the future of humanity itself.Unhealthy masculine and feminine conditioning across the gender spectrum generate and have generated conditions that find humanity at war with itself and in despair for the future of our relations with one another and the planet. The symptomatic emergence of the #MeToo movement has illuminated a systemic problem in what boys, girls and other-gendered youth are offered as a path to mature adulthood and global citizenship. The problem has always been present far longer than the symptoms have been visible.In their book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dunn sound “a passionate call to take up arms against the leading human rights violation of our era: the oppression of women and girls in the developing world.” Most technologies that attempt to address these glaring shortfalls in gender conditioning fail to reach the depth and produce the transformation over time for all that is possible.

Solution Overview

Our solution actually works: the needed transformation has happened in communities at existing implementation sites. From this deep impact, what is left is global scaling.We propose to provide comprehensive training, community integration, and direct and social media education at a scale sufficient to create a global tipping point in gender relations.Our programs achieve significant results in transforming dysfunctional gender dynamics and behaviors. Participation in MKP followed by GERI education and training magnifies the transformational result.Our implementation in the five identified target communities, will include: - Intensive training and education programming including training of trainers to allow scaling. - Ongoing external evaluation to ensure progress toward our stated outcomes. - Community and stakeholder collaboration to create iterative peer communities of practice - Extensive live and social-media education. It is impossible to confront gender inequality without also including and confronting the impacts of racism, and homophobia.While the program participants will be adults across the gender spectrum, the entire community will experience the following benefits: - Decreases in gender conflict - Increased pro-social, anti-violent, and equitable interactions between men and women - Establishment of healthy peer-cultures, particularly for younger adults. - Improved relationships between men, women, children, and people across all cultural intersections. - Decrease in sexual abuse, child abuse, racism and concomitant prejudice-based violence, coupled with new possibilities for the future of humanity. This project constitutes a substantive response of genuine hope—or even major breakthrough—at this watershed moment in an arena of longstanding unmitigated gender disaster, as unveiled by #MeToo, where many people have lost all hope.

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Project Funders

  • Kalliopeia Foundation 2005 - 2020
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation

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