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World Scout Foundation, part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement

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Project Summary

Global crises threaten humanity. urgently need adaptive, affordable strategies to overcome their uncertain future. Over half the world’s population is under 30, 90% living in emerging economies like Asia and the Middle East. Connected by technology and shared ambition, they can lead their communities towards resilience against fragile global systems. Community-level empowerment, for community-level solutions, is the answer, enabled on a massive scale by combining World Scouting’s 54-million reach and century-old track record with Future Generations University’s globally-proven community development methodology: SEED-SCALE. Scouts, already recognised by the UN for the largest popular contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, will amplify this with more effective action. SEED-SCALE, which doubles impact in one-half the time for one-fifth the cost of traditional development projects, will supercharge Scouts’ SDG contributions, equipping ten million young people to launch bottom-up sustainable change in one million communities.

Problem Statement

Communities worldwide are vulnerable to dangerous changes in the world’s fragile systems. Complex, interconnected problems—including climate change, conflict, population movement, inequalities and food insecurity—must be urgently addressed. Humanity’s greatest problem is how to ensure our communities prepare for these imminent challenges and implement sustainable solutions.While governments and the UN have adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals, real, sustainable change can only be achieved if members of local communities are inspired, enabled and engaged to identify and implement solutions specific to the threats or uncertainties their communities face. Currently, no global effort exists to equip communities. High level policies don’t reach community level. Solutions aren’t coming fast enough or on a large enough scale to achieve the aspirations of the SDGs by 2030: to transform vulnerable communities worldwide. This generation of youth will be left to handle the problem. We cannot wait to act.We need to mobilise millions of people in millions of communities around the world to act for themselves, empowering them to take concrete action, change behaviour and inspire others to join their bottom-up solutions, turning lofty policies into action. To achieve this, and tackle the full range of sustainability issues faced, we urgently need a proven, adaptable, scalable method, implemented through an existing, trained, locally situated and globally connected network. To effect the necessary change long-term, the approach needs a global network of skilled and inspired leaders who will continue to act and behave sustainably in their communities long into the future.

Solution Overview

Our solution will build on the proven Messengers of Peace model in World Scouting to inspire and support 10 million young Scout leaders, training them in the SEED-SCALE process of community development and enabling one million local communities to create sustainable change for themselves. This model involves three areas of work:- Inspiring community groups to act through on line peer-to-peer exchange, encouragement and motivation. This platform will be enhanced to become an active learning “wiki-platform”, with modular training in leadership and SEED-SCALE approaches. The platform will also be upgraded to add effective peer review to the project reporting function, thus allowing credible reporting and monitoring of impact.- Building capacities of National Scout Organisations in priority countries and investing in targeted support according to the global NGO benchmark. In addition, we will invest in the development of education material and deliver training to young leaders across the global network both, virtually and face to face, increasing the skills of individuals in the network to inspire and lead community change locally.- Finally, delivering millions of local actions—projects involving local communities to address sustainability issues they face. Most will be locally resourced, but some will be centrally supported and promoted widely to enhance global learning and sharing across borders and continents.Over the next five years, we will build a learning community, which will generate immediate, broad social impact and develop leadership skills among Scouts and lasting impact in communities for decades to come.

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