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Mulyavardhan – Values-based School Transformation

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Shantilal Muttha Foundation

Pune, State of Maharashtra, India

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Project Summary

The need for nurturing democratic citizenship in schools through child friendly and child-centred practices has been emphasized by policy documents in India since independence. However, policies haven’t translated into practice given the large number of schools in India (1.4 million) and the diverse socio-economic student profile. Although democratic values are inherent in the syllabi of social sciences and languages, there is no structured programme that helps teachers and students develop aspects (thought-feeling-behaviour), attitudes and competencies required to become democratic citizens. Additionally, teachers are not trained to transact values and learner-centred pedagogy in classrooms.Hence Shantilal Muttha Foundation (SMF) conceptualized ‘Mulyavardhan’ (MV)- a path-breaking initiative especially for public schools, which have a large section of marginalized children, to provide child-friendly and values-based education to nurture caring, responsible, and democratic citizens through a constructivist, activity-based approach and to empower school leaders and teachers with strategies and curricular opportunities to infuse these values.

Problem Statement

The main objective of education is the all-round development of children, supporting them to become democratic, socially responsible and intellectually able individuals. The current Indian education system, which favours instruction or acquisition of knowledge, is ill-equipped to achieve this objective. Children are unable to achieve their full potential, which not only hampers their future prospects but also creates the ground for serious socio-economic repercussions for the development of the nation. Though education policies consistently addressed this need, implementation remained ineffective due to the lack of a systematic programme to address social-emotional development. Some piecemeal changes in the curriculum and/or capacity building of educators did not equip teachers and school heads with the necessary skills, resources and perspectives to create a democratic, values-based school environment. A holistic approach to school transformation was clearly non-existent. MV helps address this gap.Change in the current situation requires a paradigm shift that creates a conducive school environment which nourishes values, enhances quality through democratising the school and classroom and makes learning collaborative and joyful. Primary schools are a good starting point as the children are in their formative years and a values-based programme like MV is seen to have life-long impact on them. Also, teachers and the school leaders are the key influencers and enablers of change if they are suitably empowered with the perspective and skills to do so. The child-friendly practices and a values-centric school ethos will enable children to imbibe values through what they see rather than what they are taught.

Solution Overview

Given the gaps mentioned in the problem statement, SMF showed foresight in 2015, and developed the MV curriculum. The major component of the programme is a spiral curriculum comprising age-appropriate, structured learning activities that involve students directly in behavioural exercises or practice of social-cognitive skills, followed by facilitated discussion on what they have learned. SMF feels that MV is the sole programme in public schools that assumes a values-based whole school approach which simultaneously enhances quality and democratizes the classroom and school with a child-friendly, child-centred pedagogy. With its practical, skill-oriented training for teachers and school leaders along with on-field support, MV is uniquely poised to enable schools become democratic spaces for learning.MV hopes to achieve the following outcomes over a five-year period:•Schools demonstrate value-based school leadership and provide a safe and non-threatening, inclusive, just and equitable environment•School/ Classrooms provide a safe, caring and child-centric environment and demonstrate practices supportive of values-related competency development•Students demonstrate social-emotional skills and attitudes required for becoming productive, responsible citizensMV will benefit 0.1 million schools, 0.6 million teachers, 0.1 million school heads and 15.7 million students by the end of five years. A structured M&E framework will guide the assessment of progress of MV and its impact.

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Project Funders

  • Tata Education and Development Trust 2017

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