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Project Summary

In today’s economy over 50% of all U.S. jobs require some degree of digital skills. Labor statistics project of the nearly 6mm jobs that require tech skills we will only have a pool of 1.2mm skilled candidates. NPower envisions a future where our technology workforce is diverse and pathways exist for all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic background. Young adults (ages 18-25) and veterans from under-resourced communities are an untapped source of talent and often overlooked to participate in our digital economy, further increasing the wealth gap. Communities of color can experience generational poverty, lack access to affordable post-secondary education, and face systemic barriers to prosperity. NPower promotes fast-track economic mobility for historically marginalized young adults and veterans through tech training. NPower’s goal is to empower individuals with in-demand skills and equalized opportunities, thereby transforming lives and creating systemic change for our most vulnerable communities.

Problem Statement

Persistent under-investment in predominantly communities of color has denied economic opportunities to African American/ Blacks and Latinx and resulted in multi-generational poverty. Despite having untapped potential, under-resourced young adults and veterans without access to affordable education or training that prepares them for high-growth tech careers continue to be left behind. Tech fields such as cybersecurity and cloud offer substantial job growth yet Blacks and Latinx from underserved communities remain trapped in stagnant situations of poverty, working in service positions with minimum wage and without opportunity for tech upskilling. Veterans face an array of barriers to new professional careers, including homelessness, mental health issues, and disconnection from civilian life and employment opportunities. Veterans benefit from support services that help them leverage their military experience to transition into quality tech jobs.Empowering individuals with in-demand skills and equalized opportunities transforms lives and creates systemic change for our most vulnerable communities. Moving just one person from a low-income job or unemployment to a successful tech career can break the cycle of generational poverty. In today’s technology-driven economy, accelerated tech training coupled with a holistic approach is increasingly important for them to build careers in forward-looking tech industries. This impact is realized in partnership with aligned and committed funders, companies, academic institutions, volunteers, and nonprofit and government collaborators. We are actively seeking partners who share a common goal of a diverse, technology workforce and greater pathways for social and economic mobility.

Solution Overview

NPower promotes fast-track economic mobility on a national scale. Our proposed expansion will impact 24 new hubs and 43 spokes. Since 2012, with an overall investment of $50mm over six years from a mix of funding sources, we have increased capacity by more than 700% from two sites in New York City serving 150 students to 11 markets currently across six states serving nearly 1,300 students annually. NPower has proven we can do this: With significant pro bono support from Fortune 500 companies beginning 2016, we’ve refined our model for efficient scalability to be on a path to serving 50,000 by deepening capacity within our current locations, expanding to new markets, and building scalable platforms.NPower’s metrics-driven programs are unique because, in less than six months, students graduate with the technical and professional skills that yield immediate returns and life-long benefits. We proactively support and track alumni job placement, earnings and career advancement that underscore the socio-economic impact of our programs. Most students enter our programs either unemployed or underemployed, often making minimum wage, yet their starting salary post-graduation is dramatic—catapulting them from poverty toward prosperity with meaningful careers. We are committed to placing 85% of our alumni in quality jobs or advanced training within one-year post-graduation. Through rigorous monitoring and evaluation of benchmarks to ensure we are on-track, we will know we are making progress by the successive execution of the three interdependent phases to deepen our presence in existing regions and expand into new ones.

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