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One-Tribe Global Workplace: inclusive-broadened-deepened community wealth/power-building through stakeholders as shareholders

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CUNY Law Foundation

New York, New York, United States

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Project Summary

One-Tribe presents a rising socio-economic paradigm based on stakeholder-ownership, inter-cooperation and economic-democracy for a global system under stress. Traditional ‘trickle-down’ economics has been severely tested and fails ordinary people. Resulting populist movements (USA/America-First, UK/BREXIT, Italy/MS5) show how Politics & Economics are downstream from Culture but also that Culture transforms values and their civic expression. The basic democratic principle valued in nation-states and shared-ownership models is one-person/one-vote. An equity share is the right to vote and provides the basis for a new power-paradigm-changing culture that builds community-wealth, civic-solidarity and self-reliance. Metrics prove that broad-based, local worker-ownership is more stable, inclusive, equitable, democratic, competitive and outperforms with fewer job losses, especially during downturns. One-Tribe globally transforms intergenerational poverty and dependency-culture through proven, localized, worker/employee-ownership hybrid-models. Our “Local-Living-Transformation-Templates” connect “learning-through-doing” education with community support networks delivering financing, converting businesses into “one-worker, one-vote”, democratically owned/governed ecosystems, advancing policy, and building lasting, responsible/inclusive, business/country/global civic-infrastructure.

Problem Statement

Do we just apply situational band-aids, however momentarily effective, to human-induced precariat disasters or can we scale cultural antidotes more effectively to heal causal-socioeconomic political diseases? The capitalist system is “on fire”, putting global democracy, climate and peace at risk. Oxfam International reports that billionaires worldwide grow $2.5 billion richer every day, while the poorest half of the global population becomes poorer. With social mobility still handicapped by the USA financial sector-induced 2008 recession, people from distressed areas aren't finding their way into more prosperous ones, deepening their sense of betrayal and being left behind. Many of the world’s most distressed communities exist side-by-side with the richest regions. The former serves the latter, prolonging vicious poverty-alienation cycles. Unchecked private capital produces governments that favor the rich; private healthcare and judicial systems pander to elites. Governing elites insulate themselves from the costs of the policies they impose on others. The loudest voices are not representative of those working multiple, low-paying, dead-end jobs with barely enough to survive. A self-interested Boomer generation pushes back on rising “Y&Z iGenerations” clamoring for shared stakeholder prosperity and aspirational work. Vested interests denigrate change and even successful examples are rejected as “one-offs”, unscalable, maybe seeding equity but without growing democracy or power. Our 2016 100&Change proposal warned that labor-arbitraging cultures produce “stagnant wages, declining mobility, increased economic class divisions and racial tensions at levels not experienced since the Great Depression”. “Brexit”, “America-First”, MS5 solidifying caudillo-populism as seen in Italy and elsewhere prove our prediction prescient.

Solution Overview

The “world on fire” demands radical change to current economic/power paradigms. Today’s system of top-down management of employees-as-producers in a system where they have no say or influence is being replaced by local stakeholder-ownership models encouraging self-empowerment that breaks dependency cycles by building pathways out of intergenerational-poverty and towards intergenerational-wealth-building.As in nature, poison and its antidote grow side-by-side. Worker/employee-owned-enterprises offer three hope-metrics: (1) earning more in income and retirement than counterparts at traditional firms; (2) appearing more resilient with a higher rate of surviving the first five critical start-up years; (3) sustaining better fiscal health proven during the USA-induced 2008 Great Recession. Harvard Business School Professor, Rebecca Henderson, affirms “purpose-driven businesses could be the catalyst that drives the global, systemic change we need to reimagine capitalism in a way that works for everyone”. The American Sustainable Business Council convenes 250,000 triple-bottom-line, purpose-driven enterprises, antidotes to the short-term-profit-at-all-cost economy. 1worker1vote leads global manifestations of hybrid stakeholder ownership transformation models starting with union-coops. One-Tribe’s expanding stakeholder (worker/employee) ownership ecosystems mitigate global Capital-versus-Labor, zero-sum confrontations, by building an economy benefitting all without labor commodification/exploitation. Stakeholder empowerment and participatory democracy legislation are experiencing a global policy honeymoon (U.S. Senators Warren, Sanders, Gillibrand, Brown; UK’s ‘Corbynomics’; Barcelona’s Radical-Democracy “municipalists”). One-Tribe’s “Living-Transformation-Toolkit” includes: “non-stop-learning-by-doing training/education; incubating hybrid-model, shared-ownership social-enterprises; supporting existing networks with daily/weekly worker-training/technical-support and connectivity-to-problem-solving resources; converting existing businesses facing succession challenges; expanding opportunities to access capital and developing new social-impact-capital-syndication formulas; convening/conducting policy campaigns; communicating/messaging; co-designing new stakeholder-ownership hybrid models; rejuvenating democracy.

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Project Funders

  • Open Society Foundations (OSF) 2019 - 2021
  • Open Society Foundations (OSF) 2019 - 2021
  • Government of Columbia & the EU Fund for Peace 2019 - 2021

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