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Project Summary

When it comes to shaping society, the voices of young people are often marginalized: no vote and little say. They are losing faith in institutional authority and raising their voices to challenge adults to do what needs to be done.Our global alliance brings together a powerful coalition of organizations to activate the energy and amplify the voices of millions of young people as a catalyst for broader societal change, both locally and globally. At the heart of our project is a global aspiration to develop millions of young people as leaders with the empathy and sense of agency to shape a better future. Our belief is that the only way to do this is to unleash their leadership in making the world better today. Project Amplify will build a movement to do that across whole countries, with an ultimate vision of doing it everywhere in the world.

Problem Statement

Young people are deeply concerned about the challenges confronting humanity; and they are convinced that those in charge are failing to address them. They realize they cannot wait to grow up to make things right: there simply isn’t enough time. They are raising their voices to force adults to do what needs to be done, now.Following the school shooting in Parkland, students Emma González and David Hogg led the March for Our Lives, galvanizing thousands of Americans to demand stricter gun control. Young Swede Greta Thunberg inspired school strikes across the world to draw attention to the climate change crisis. These are just two examples of young people catalyzing movements for change. What if there were millions more young people also driving social advocacy for other issues like racism and discrimination globally?Young people have disproportionate influence because they represent the voice of our collective future. As such, they are vested with a special moral authority. We are all witnesses to the power of young people to drive local and global change; however, we know that good citizens are not born–they are made. Over a decade of experience working directly with young people has shown that high-quality citizenship education can contribute to improvements in both academic and non-academic outcomes, such as a sense of collective identity and heightened social engagement. Our aim now is to activate the energy and amplify the voice of millions of young people as a catalyst for broader societal change both locally and globally.

Solution Overview

Together, our global alliance has the combined resources and assets to deliver a proven transformational formula to millions of young people around the world, one community at a time.Starting in Monterrey, Mexico, in Year 1 of the project, we will train teachers from Enseña por Mexico (Teach For All network partner) in the award-winning High Resolves citizenship curriculum. Then, with students in the schools they serve, these teachers will facilitate participatory learning experiences built on three reinforcing elements:* Cinema as a peak experience: A peak experience is one that changes a person’s mental model about an issue. Our breakthrough approach begins with a “peak experience” film at one of Cinépolis’ 5,941 cinemas which are otherwise idle assets during morning hours.* Repeated practice in the classroom. Teach For All network teachers will facilitate participatory classroom experiences that deepen the understanding of new concepts related to inequality, social justice, intolerance, violence and other issues.* Social advocacy videos as a real-world application. Young people will use our powerful Videos for Change platform to create one-minute videos to address social issues through competitions. These videos will be used to engage their community members in dialogue about the most vital issues of the day.We have a strong existing footprint in English speaking countries. Our work in Monterrey and continued assessment of our impact will establish the foundation for rolling out this model in other Latin American countries through Year 5 of the project and then throughout the world.

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