St. Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation

Provision of access to quality cancer treatment for all Africans


Our project will provide treatment for at least 87,000 cancer patients annually in Africa in 5 years, with no bias, especially the historically marginalized population

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St. Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation

Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria

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Project Summary

Limited access to globally standard cancer treatment facilities is responsible for most cancer deaths in Africa annually. Like Nigeria with 3 centers but needs 200. Majority affected are marginalized communities, including the economically disadvantaged and historically culturally ostracized, especially women.The only NGO currently building treatment centers, St Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation and partners, TANIT (technical) and RANMED (professionals) will provide sustainable solution for effective cancer treatment reproducible and modifiable across Africa. Our unique template includes a regional comprehensive center, local chemotherapy and surgical centers, all self sustaining cost centers that also provide for the economically disadvantaged through St Cyril Initiative for Patients’ Support (SCIPS). Our center is open in Isolo, Lagos.This grant will enable us to build, operate and iterate accessible cancer treatment facilities across Nigeria's geopolitical regions, namely Southwest, Southsouth, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast, Northcentral and Abuja. Seven centres in 5 years to serve Nigeria and Sub-saharan Africa

Problem Statement

Grossly inadequate access to cancer treatment in Nigeria and by extension Sub Saharan Africa ffects all. Men and women; young and old. It is disruptive to family life and breaks up marriages and home. Lack of access to care often leads to an advanced tumour that becomes an open wound results. Untreated cancer will eventually lead to the death of the patient creating a vacuum and loss for the family and friends.The situation of only 2 working radiotherapy centers in Nigeria since the 1980s, when there should be 200, coupled with the continued increase in incidence of cancer in Africa has made the need for a marked effort to be made. Currently, many of the cancer centers in Africa are government owned. Bureaucracy affects the prompt decisions need to ensure smooth running, productivity and viability of the centers. Cancer centers that will be viable whilst having the social welfare capabilities of a government hospital will be a win win as ithey will positively complement each other.A concentration of many cancer centers in one country is the fastest and most effective way of making a significant impact in Sub Saharan. It will be easier to share the limited human resources whilst building capacity. Also quality can be maintained better. Spreading treatment centers across Africa in the short term will reduce this impact.

Solution Overview

Provision of cancer treatment centers locally for millions of Africans in the long term will be impactful on the lives of the cancer patients and their families. Holistic cancer treatment has more chance of success because it cares for the whole patient not just the disease.. Patients receiving globally acceptable treatment in their local setting with family support will improve survival rate.The data provided by the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) will be utilized to analyze the real time data collected annually. Also, we maintain good follow up of patients and record progress. This will scale up to provide a network of data across the country as there are more centers w. We already have an Electronic Medical Records and intend to analyze the real time data collected annually. Also, we maintain good follow up of patients and record progress. We I tend to scale up as our centers grow. The millions of Africans diagnosed with cancer annually will be the primary beneficiaries of our solution. Secondary benefits include building capacity in oncology, radiation therapy, medical physics, biomedical engineering and a myriad of other professions affiliated with holistic cancer treatment, providing tens of thousands of jobs. Another benefit is availability of credible data for cancer in Africa.

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Project Funders

  • Eko Club International 2018 - 2019
  • Airtel 2018
  • BUA Foundation 2018

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