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Fundatia Roma Education Fund Romania

Bucharest, Bucureşti, Romania

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Project Summary

In Romania, legislation for kindergarten attendance was modified in 2018 and it becomes mandatory gradually, until 2030. Almost 40percentages of the kids from Romania are not going to kindergarten (around 200k kids), out of which approximately 80percentages are Roma, most of them because of poverty, racism, lack of equity, lack of infrastructure and proper educational services. According to the World Economic Forum meeting (Davos), investing in education generally, in early childhood specifically has a major impact on the return of investment in education and the most significant long term effect on the growth of all the communities living in poverty. REF developed an integrated intervention model (infrastructure, high-quality inclusive educational services) for disadvantaged communities, in order to close the gap between these and the developed ones. The community remains with the infrastructure and the significant knowledge base accumulated during project implementation. The intervention model is given to the Government.

Problem Statement

Almost 40percentages of the kids from Romania are not going to kindergarten (around 200k kids), out of which approximately 80percentages are Roma, most of them because of poverty, racism, lack of equity, lack of infrastructure and proper educational services. The problem exists in the current environment because of poverty, lack of infrastructure, lack of quality of education, because all the kids are treated the same in all the educational levels, no matter their social/financial/family/educational/konw-how/language background, because of racism and discrimination and segregation in schools.Because we think that there are influential ways to make the necessary change, the model implemented during 2014-2017 was further developed and introduced into this call with an improved infrastructure, a more complex training of the educators, more elements of the integrated measures to the communities, and supplementary functions added to the Center of Excellence of Teaching in Disadvantaged Communities. Another significant element added is a national level campaign preventing racism and discrimination in the society/school. The leverage points are in: - the teacher/educator training, processes we started years ago, because in Romania one teacher/educator has a direct impact on the lives of 10-18.000 kids,- introducing into the national level mandatory curriculum Roma history and culture, diversity, - introducing into the teacher/educator training mandatory curriculum neuroscience elements, developing learning eco-systems, self-esteem development techniques, teaching resilience, outdoor teaching methodologies (REF is already teaching to 300 teachers 11 innovative learning techniques in a 3 year program),- digitizing these contents in order to reach to as many kids as possible.

Solution Overview

INFRASTRUCTURE1. Kindergarten infrastructure development in 30 communities - ensures access to education, primary health-care, hot meal, school bus, extended program to 3.600 kids, given over to the community during project implementation,EDUCATION2. Educational services - off-site - at least 300 teaching staff, innovative means for developing kids learning outcomes created through the program, training of teachers (at least 100) for different curriculum and educational mentoring and coaching during infrastructure development, to prepare all the necessary resources for the educational activity,3. Educational services - on-site - ensures high-quality inclusive education to 3.600 kids, at least 3.600 parents, community development in 30 disadvantaged communities,MODEL4. Evidence based 3 year intervention in the developed infrastructure - evidence-based models are most probable to be taken over by the Government, and scaled up to the whole country,CENTER5. Continuous curriculum development - for all the future teachers and educators from the country, given over to the Ministry of Education,6. Researches related to the preschool kids - findings given over to the relevant stakeholders,7. Continuous learning techniques developed and accredited to be teachable to future educators and teachers, educational coaching techniques, etc.8. Documented educational intervention methodologies - on different topics relevant for disadvantaged communities,CAMPAIGN9. Awareness raising campaign on preventing racism/discrimination/bullying - for the whole country, promoted especially on social media and in schools and kindergartens,10. Increased tolerance and mutual understanding for 30 localities through the community events; multicultural learning environment created for kindergarten children - model documented and promoted to national level.

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Project Funders

  • Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 - 2017
  • Open Society Institute 2017 - 2018
  • Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2019 - 2022

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