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Project Summary

There is an urgent need to address the way children and adults with special needs, their families, the orphan and less fortunate are viewed, treated and cared for in this country. The need is extremely worse in other countries and we plan to change that. I have a creative vision/solution that will change and reshape society for the good. We will bring change to this problem by designing and building the most beautiful and serene place imaginable. Here they will be introduced to a wonderland of activities but at the center of it all is a performing Arts theatre where they will work with the most creative teachers in the world to discover their hidden talent and nurture it to bloom. Their Talents and strategic messages will be revealed through live events and media that will be streamed around the world. The eyes of our hearts will become OPEN.

Problem Statement

We as humans face many challenges. The challenges are global and each culture faces the same challenges yet different. My theory/vision will bring a solution to many of the challenges. I would like to start by saying the answer is found in the problem. I will start with the problem in the United States as it will be easier for you to understand. The problem is how we view and treat those with special needs, their families, the orphan and less fortunate. Allow me to use an illustration: The most valuable resources we have as humans is the air we breathe and the water we drink. Yet we make very poor decisions everyday that contaminates our hope for existence. Illustration two: Oil is one of our most valuable resources however when oil is not handled or treated properly and released into our bodies of water such as oceans, streams or wetlands we can all see the catastrophic effects it has on wildlife, plants et cetera. Many times Those with special needs and less fortunate are looked at like oil contaminated water in society. They are forced to fit into a society that is not designed for them.Our Creator did not make a mistake when those with special needs, the orphan or less fortunate were created. They were created on purpose with great purpose. The Creator of all things knew mankind would stand at the most fragile time in existence and need a Remnant of Hope

Solution Overview

.My Plan: Unlocking the MysteryTo Create a place designed specifically for those with special needs, their families, the orphan and less fortunate. It will be one of the most beautiful and serene places. For visual purposes think of the Disney Theme park model with rides, waterparks and characters except on a smaller scale so it would be feasible to build on a nationwide and global level. At the center would be an amazing performing Arts Theatre. The theme park will also have a film, animation and music recording studio. We will have the most talented teachers in all fields of the Arts to work with our special friends. We then evaluate each child and adult to discover their hidden treasure of talent and nurture them to bloom through the Arts. We will have creative writers who will write and produce very strategic inspiring educational content aimed at solving todays problems by opening the door to new ways of thinking. This will come in the form of theatrical plays, feature films, short films, animation, documentaries, songs and music videos all involving our very special friends and incorporating the typical as supporting actors. The content will be filmed and streamed in many forms around the world. We then integrate the community and typical society to visit and see the wonders of the multi-dimensional vision that is sure to open the eyes of our heart. It will be a place the MacArthur foundation could visit to see the fruits of their labor.

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  • Gene Lucas

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