Gvk Emergency Management and Research Institute

Technology enabled Mobile Animal Health Services in Uttar Pradesh


Integrated call centre based Mobile Veterinary Clinics(MVC) accessed through four digit “1-9-6-2” toll free helpline for livestock in distress in Uttar Pradesh (U.P) State, India.

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Gvk Emergency Management and Research Institute

Secunderabad, Telangana, India


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Project Summary

Uttar Pradesh, state with highest human (220 million) and animal (69 million) population in India, fares poorest in hunger index, poverty(UNHDI-0.583), literacy rate, gender inequality, public health, animal health infrastructure, poor zoonotic disease control and unemployment rates among rural youth.Livestock plays important role in economy as more than 77% of the population lives in rural areas. Access, cost and quality of animal health care scenario in rural U.P has significant gaps.Fully equipped, advanced information technology enabled 688 Mobile Veterinary Clinics(MVC) accessed through toll free “1-9-6-2” number, with trained veterinarians, Para-veterinarians and MVC Vehicle provide timely evidence based emergency treatment to livestock at door-steps of livestock owners free of cost.Saving lives and reducing complications of livestock emergencies help in improved production, reduce disease outbreaks, increase rural economy, reduce hunger and poverty, generate employment and bridge gender inequality as majority of workforce in this sector are women.

Problem Statement

Animal husbandry is an integral component of Indian agriculture supporting livelihood of more than two-thirds of the rural population in Uttar Pradesh. The livestock sector employs millions of labour force, including small and marginal farmers, women and landless agricultural workers. Women comprises of 71% of the total labour force employed in livestock sector.Livestock sector is mostly unorganized in the state. Poor livestock health due to high prevalence of many disease conditions in livestock causing severe loss of life and productivity and lack of proper veterinary hospital facilities in rural areas making the livestock owners devoid of quality animal healthcare services at the right time. Adoption of livestock-related technologies is poor because of absence of animal husbandry extension network and only 5% of farm households in India have access to any information on animal husbandry against 40% of farm households accessing information on crops.Strengthening of livestock health by providing technology assisted doorstep mobile veterinary services. These services can be accessed through toll free number 1-9-6-2 by anyone irrespective of their income, religion and community. Mobile veterinary clinics respond to an animal emergency as quickly as possible and provide evidence based quality veterinary service at farmer’s doorsteps. A team of veterinary doctors in call centre will provide telemedicine and guidance on livestock management to livestock owners. Electronic recording of services is enabling high quality data collection and near real time interpretation. Alerts for disease outbreaks and constant endeavor to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness following principle of measure and improve.

Solution Overview

Most of the population is dependent on livestock for their livelihood and majority livestock owners are small scale/marginal farmers/landless labourers, they find it difficult to transport their sick animals and face many hurdles like restraining the animal, time constraints and raising the money for transport. So, GVK EMRI has initiated a unique project 1-9-6-2 Mobile Veterinary Services under public-private-partnership with Telangana government for emergency care of livestock. 100 Mobile Veterinary Clinics (MVC) launched in 2017 are providing timely animal health services to needy farmers across the state. 48 hours Follow-up feedback on the quality of services will be collected from 10% of livestock owners through call centre who availed the services on daily basis. The quality of treatment and timeliness of services will be assessed daily and course corrections will be done to mitigate issues.The MVC services are intended to provide emergency services to 69 million livestock population in Uttar-Pradesh. Saving animal lives has direct impact on livelihoods, generating employment and strengthening rural economy. Information, education and communication activities will also be taken up among farming communities on good feeding and management practices to improve milk and meat production. The beneficiaries of this project are small and marginal farmers, landless agricultural labourers, women and vulnerable sections of the society. The above interventions will have following outcomes on society:•Better women’s participation and decision-making power•Animal-source foods for improved nutrition and education attainment •Hunger eradication•Faster poverty reduction •Employment generation •Drivers of industrialization in

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