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Project Summary

There’s a lack of inspired arts created to nurture the mental health of our youth and families. With arts/music school budget cuts, classes that foster bonding, inspire and release emotions, are lost. We need improved entertainment that empowers, enlightens and motivates children and families to inspired living; while worldwide, more artists/musicians are needed to reveal and inspire efforts to relieve human suffering. For there’s pain in the world - poverty, addiction, bullying, school shootings, post-traumatic stress - leaving some with thoughts that lie too deep for tears - apt to erupt in suicide or violence. Tim Janis, who earned a national Excellence in Hope Award for his work with children in Africa; HIV+ Sinikithemba Choir; 5000 voices Children of the World, has showcased and mentored over 60,000 music/arts students on PBS, Carnegie Hall and film while raising funds for charity - needs funding to multiply his outreach.

Problem Statement

In America, and around the world, too many neglected or traumatized children and teens commit suicide or act out with dire consequences - drugs, alcohol, homelessness, hopelessness, runaways for child-trafficking prey. Too many confused, lonely or marginalized children, and families, fall victim to negative entertainment, or “music,” unlikely to soothe or formulate their brains for success as fine music and art is medically/scientifically known to do. Too many school budgets have slashed or eliminated arts/music in schools – taking away, often the only chance in a day, where students can relax, bond, create, release emotions, and refocus before venturing home for whatever awaits.Additionally, too many children and adults around the world, constrained by wars, poverty, disease, disasters or disabilities, fail to realize their God-given potential to help themselves and mankind. Many exist, with nothing to inspire, hoping, if they dare, for a better day. More committed, fine artists and musicians are needed to expose, educate and inspire action to alleviate human suffering as only sensitive, gifted artists can. Cutting off funding, or reducing or withholding fine arts/music, is tantamount to denying the source that inspires peace and hope in human hearts and success in other endeavors. It’s like deleting the sun. Fine arts/music/arts can start the healing process and reveal brighter paths.

Solution Overview

Solution: Expand our global mission. For 25 years, Tim Janis has used music, film and performances to educate and raise funds for global causes. A five-year-grant would release/create gifts/solutions to the world that a strained budget has withheld. 2008: Janis created “Celebrate America” to mentor/showcase school choirs after a fan described a girl who was “cutting.” Over 60,000 students, including Jackie Evancho, have performed in Celebrate America. Some went on to back Janis’ stars in Carnegie.2013: A schoolteacher preparing her choir for Celebrate America, said she “prays every morning for her students.” Tearing, she said, “You {school coordinator} and Tim Janis are answers to my prayers.” 2018: Before the Florida school shooting, a Montana choir, performing Janis’ “Move Mountains” changed “Africa” to “America” to depict America’s pain. Another choir sang “Prayer of the Children,” to be a “voice for those who have no voice.” One choir reserved a community center and invited the town to watch the 2018 PBS debut with them. More choirs will be taped in January 2020. Janis donates thousands of DVDs/CDs, and tickets to veterans and first responders for Carnegie concerts where 400 children, ages 5-up, perform before a packed audience and VIPs. Veterans and first responders sometimes sing with youth choirs. Janis visits/performed at military hospitals, including Walter Reed. He toured/donated 1000s of DVDs/CDs and children’s book, narrated by Mrs. Barbara Bush to St. Jude’s. Janis’ Youtube music videos soothe worldwide fans. They write to him. He replies.

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Project Funders

  • Stapleton 2017 - 2019
  • ForeverYoung 2019
  • BostonChildren 2010 - 2019

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