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Project Summary

The dangerous build up of greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere is now threatening the delicate balance that all life depends on. Cutting edge science indicates that only an unprecedented global tree-planting effort offers hope of restoring nature’s vital carbon sinks before it is too late.Project partners and allies have achieved major progress toward this goal by planting billions of trees in thousands of locally-led efforts. The efforts have measurably improved local lives and environments while contributing to global wellbeing, but have not yet achieved a large enough scale to reverse the climate crisis.To rapidly expand these proven climate solutions to the scale necessary for averting a global climate disaster, the Trillion Tree Global Network will deploy a combination of direct action and peer-to-peer platform building to mobilize a historic citizen-led tree-planting movement spanning the globe. Together we will plant a trillion trees to save the planet!

Problem Statement

Life on Earth wants to flourish, trees want to grow, and people want to help. The climate crisis has inspired an urgent movement to regenerate the natural world and plant trees. A dangerous build up of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere is threatening the delicate balance that all life depends on and trees can save us by restoring this critical balance. Trees are the most powerful carbon capture technology that exists and unlike any other technology trees have the potential to be replicated and deployed at scale by almost anyone anywhere on the planet. Thousands around the world are already planting trees and restoring forests every day and millions more want to join this movement. The problem is that there are currently 3 major barriers to unlocking a global Trillion Tree Movement: 1) Lack of access to necessary capital resources and up to date technical information to rapidly scale-up local forest restoration efforts around the world; 2) Lack of political leadership in regions with the greatest potential for large scale forest regeneration; and 3) Lack of a consolidated platform for sharing resources among the thousands of disaggregated tree-planting efforts and millions of people globally who want to support them. The Trillion Tree Movement will overcome these barriers by enabling a citizen-led approach to massive forest restoration through a peer-to-peer global network. The project will plant 100 million trees directly and spark a movement that will plant 1 trillion trees globally.

Solution Overview

Tree-planting is the cheapest, simplest, and most effective natural method to capture and store CO2, and if undertaken at a large scale will give us time to transition towards zero emissions. Evidence illustrates that forests are the only way to absorb a significant amount (up to a quarter) of human induced CO2 emissions.The youth of Plant-for-the-Planet inherited the Trillion Tree Campaign (formerly known as the Billion Tree Campaign) from the UNEP in 2011. Today, the Trillion Tree app enables projects around the world to illustrate their planting efforts and community involvement; generate donations; and create transparency. Together with a network of scientists, the impact of tree planting are assessed to choose the most effective future planting areas. Currently our organizations are reforesting large areas in Mexico, Canada, and Tanzania. We always rely on local communities to cultivate, plant, and care for indigenous seedlings, contributing to local economies while combating the global climate crisis.During the next five years we will plant 100 million trees and mobilize allied organizations, governments worldwide, and the public at large to plant one trillion trees to save our climate. Ecological design, community-led methodologies, and peer-to-peer empowerment will ensure the protection and survival of the trees planted. By planting trees, and through associated local nurseries and sustainable knowledge transfer, participating communities will restore their environment, generate income, share knowledge, and build a livable future.

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Project Funders

  • German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development 2017 - 2019
  • European Union (EU) Global Climate Change Alliance 2015 - 2019
  • GV Trucknet 2019 - 2028

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