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Project Summary

According to UNESCO and UNICEF, the world’s population has surpassed seven billion, with people under the age of 30 accounting for more than half this number. The group called “NEET” (not in education, employment or training) often constitutes at least 10% of the youth population, and disproportionately includes youth with a low level of education in developing countries. In South-Africa nearly 30% of youth are unemployed. Millions of young people in South-Africa believe there is little hope and no future for them. Youth are involved in crime, drugs, prostitution, violence and rioting. Through Vision 20/20 we aim to change the mindset and paradigms that are currently sabotaging our nations future by empowering youth to take ownership of their lives through creative solution focused thinking. We want to empower 100 000 youth coaches to reach 2 000 000 youth through Neuro-Coaching interventions. Coaching is the 2nd fastest growing industry worldwide.

Problem Statement

South Africa faces a crises with escalating youth unemployment. Recent figures show that the unemployment rate for young South-Africans with a matric (Grade 12) was 55% in the first quarter of 2019 rising to 58,4% for those with less than a matric. Even graduates show an unemployment rate of 31% during this period. This unemployment is negatively affecting morale of youth across the country, resulting in participation in criminal activity, drug abuse, violence and riots that lead to high mortality rates amongst the youth. The youth represent a powerful resource of the country provided that they are supported and able to become active members of society. Youth Development plays an important role in addressing the issues mentioned above. Over the last two decades Lusa Community Chest has become an expert in Community and youth development in the South-African context. Through various successful interventions we have numerous impact studies highlighting the transformational change some of our programmes have achieved with youth in marginalized societies. The majority of youth going through our programmes have either secured employment, studied further or started their own businesses. This is further evidence of how the youth took ownership of their own destinies and utilized the skills and tools taught to change their lives. Learnings from our programmes include an in depth understanding of Neuro- Plasticity, Resilience, Personal Responsibility, Developing Self Awareness, Increasing Emotional Intelligence, Solution thinking and Social skills. The training is practical and empowers our youth to integrate the learnings in their lives.

Solution Overview

Vision 20/20 wants to empower and transform the lives of 2 100 000 youth in South-Africa over 5 years through coaching training or being coached personally by a trained coach. We believe that the training will be life changing in terms of development of emotional intelligence, leadership skills, development of a growth mindset, solutions thinking and personal resilience. The strategy is to train and empower and certify 100 000 youth coaches in 7 provinces who in turn will train and empower the 2 000 000 youth. Our key indicators for success would show a reduction in many societal ailments such as unemployment, crime, violence, drug abuse, obesity, depression, diabetes, teenage pregnancies and school drop out rates. This will be brought about because of the skills and tools they youth will acquire through our intervention. The target population is from marginalized communities where youth are currently experiencing a sense of hopelessness and despair. Through Vision 20/20 we will create transformational shifts amongst our target audience by empowering them to move from a victim mentality to a growth mindset. Successful student coaches will be able to practice their skills and start creating opportunities for generating income. Our collective dream is to raise the next generation of leaders for South-Africa. The benefits not only extend to the youth but to their families and communities and ultimately the nation as a whole.

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